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Wind turbines / Construction / Supervision assembly

  • The purpose of this service is to protect the interests of the turbine manufacturer within the period of construction of the wind farm by monitoring all unload, installation and set-up processes of the wind turbines according to the specifications established by the manufacturer.
  • Our service is aimed at customers who wish to have external and independent staffs, which are also an expert in this sector and proficient in its machines and methods.
  • In practice, SOLVENTO collects and reports what happens during the process of constructing a wind farm day by day.

Extent of services

  • 1. A part of the technical HHRR:
    SOLVENTO Provides expert technical staff with knowledge of the characteristics of the different platforms of wind turbines, and more than 5 years of experience monitoring assembling processes. The staff reports directly to the project manager of the park.
  • 2. Monitoring civil works:
    - Collaboration in geotechnical studies, site management and foundations
    - Verification of major works
    - Acceptance and certification work
  • 3. Supply Management:
    - Reception of components and equipment, quality inspection prior to unload
    - Control of carrier documentation
    - Control inventory management
    - Transport of materials to the right place in the park
  • 4. Installation:
    - Supervision of all lifting, assembling operations and interior works (electrical and mechanical)
    - Quality warranty when setting it up
  • 5. In-work HHRR monitoring:
    - Staff monitoring (schedules, tickets, planning…)
  • 6. Monitoring subcontractors:
    - Control subcontractor executions
    - Control of compliance with the specifications of PRL by subcontractors
  • 7. Monitoring of material resources:
    - Management / Control of tools and assembly tools (if owned by our client)
    - Supervision of built-in tools in the office
    - Supervision of all assets belonging to our client in the project
  • 8. Monitoring compliance with PRL plan:
    - PRL-Control monitoring and health at work specified in that project
  • 9. Quality Engineering:
    - Preparation and review of programs and checkpoints
    - Review of purchase technical specifications
    - Review of special processing procedures
  • 10. Technical assistance:
    - For procurement, maintenance and quality
    - Review and evaluation of offers
    - Issue of orders

We attend you

Dossier / Supervisión de Montajes (Energía eólica)

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Wind energy is mainly used to produce electricity through wind turbines connected to grids of electricity distribution.
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Wind turbines supervision assembly

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