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  • Today, reconditioning wind turbines for various reasons is more and more requested, and it may be done completely or partially.
  • There is currently a wide range of turbines used in the 2nd hand market from repowering projects valid for use in projects of any kind. Solvento offers a comprehensive restoration of these turbines to provide equipment in the best possible conditions, and a warranty period of 12 months.
  • Sometimes we have to extend the life of the turbine by changing one of its major components, when they have failed for any reason or as a result of adverse weather.
  • Other times, we dismantle and replace the complete wind turbine, which is replaced for a second hand reconditioned one, according to the model and the life of the rest of the turbines of the park, and for a much lower amount than a new one.
  • SOLVENTO has wind turbines of different types, from 60 to 200 Kw, and has refurbished and sold units in Europe, America and North Africa.

Range of services

  • SOLVENTO is an international leader in selling refurbished turbines. We have extensive experience in the supply, installation and commissioning of the following services:
    - Technical advice when selecting your wind turbine
    - Conducting technical inspections prior to the purchase of wind turbines
    - Logistics and transport of the wind turbine from origin to destination
  • Turbines are conducted through those recycling processes:
    - Withdrawal of all components for cleaning and inspection
    - Checking the outer surface: Nacelle, blades and tower
    - Cleaning and repairing any cracks, erosion and leakage; oil stains, etc.
    - Application of surface treatments for Nacelle, blades and tower
    - Multiplier:
    Replacement of bearings, gears and sealed items of the multiplier
    Inspection and replacement of rubber parts, hoses and hydraulic systems
    Inspection, cleaning and replacement, if necessary, of all mechanical couplings

    - Generator:
    Inspection, cleaning, winding and replacement of bearings, brushes, etc.
    Inspection, cleaning, repair and replacement, if necessary, of tweezers, brake pads and discs, Yaw callipers and slewing rings
    Change of oil and filters
    Replacing vanes and anemometers, sensors, etc.
    Inspection of electrical installations and repair / replacement of the installation if necessary
    Replacing an electronic main control system with a new one with better features and remote control system
    Testing and certification prior to delivery
    Preparation for shipment

Refurbishing large components

  • Se incrementa la vida útil deBy replacing or improving some of the major components of wind turbines we increase their lifetime. Benefits of this process:
    - Increasing the lifespan of the turbine
    - Extension of the warranty
    - Upgrading technologies in some cases
    - Significant reduction of costs
    - Overall cleanliness of the wind turbine., since by replacing any of the major components, all other affected components are cleaned and checked

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Wind Turbine refurbishing

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