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Wind energy /Other services / Supply of spare parts for wind turbines

  • SOLVENTO offers a variety of spare parts for various models of wind turbines, be it original equipment or reconditioned, completely ready for use, so that you can reduce downtime due to the unavailability of spare parts.
  • Our computerized management system has inventoried thousands of specific parts of this sector, with a perfect traceability of each. This adds value for customers of the wind sector. Our system allows us to identify over 30,000 unique references in the wind sector, allowing a supply line with the most demanding market requirements.

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Dossier Supply of spare parts for wind turbines

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Types of spare parts services

  • For those companies that have operating farms and need spare parts, we can offer services in three modes:
  • We locate the requested part and provide it to the client as it is, without repairing or cleaning it and without warranty from SOLVENTO
  • We locate the requested part and repair, clean and replace those damaged items. SOLVENTO offers, in this case, one or two years warranty, depending on the part
  • New, original equipment parts, providing manufacturer’s warranty

We offer parts:

  • Ofrecemos repuestos de:

  • - Generators
    - Multipliers
    - Gears motors
    - Blades
    - Control systems
    - Electric motors
    - Sensors
    - Bearings
    - Brakes
    - Shafts
    - Attachments
    - Hydraulic systems
    - Consumables
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Supply of spare parts for wind turbines

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