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Wind energy / Other services / Rope access services for wind turbines

  • We have a specialized service in vertical works for the maintenance of wind turbines. Our priority is always the safety, implementing accident prevention as a working system.
  • The company and the workers we are involved in the commitment of safety in the workplace through training, experience and prevention.
  • The goal of our service is the resolution of O&M costs by avoiding the use of basket cranes and to prevent disassembly of parts that make their repairing expensive and paralyze the production.

Scope of services

  • Interior and exterior cleaning:
    - Shaft cleaning
    - Rotor cleaning
    - Elimination of oil leaks
    - Removing grease leakage
    - Suspended sediment
  • Repairs ‘in situ’ of:
    - Cracks and other exterior damages
    - Replacing screws
    - Corrosion or contamination
    - Failure of the Ray prevention system
    - Waterproofing and Sealing
    - Surface treatment (painting)
    - Drain holes release
  • Adjusting parts and aerodynamic parts
  • Inspection of blades
  • Surface treatment
  • Final inspection warranty
  • Removing and replacing logos

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Rope access services for wind turbines Dossier

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Rope access services for wind turbines

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