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Wind energy / Other services / Decommissioning of wind farms

  • There are multiple reasons for the termination of operation of a wind farm, such as legislative changes, the repowering project (increase or decrease of the original potency), the end of the lease period of the land, or just the end of the lifespan.
  • In any case, the result or outcome of the decision to cease exploitation is always the same, complete disassembly and dismantling of the wind farm and restore the land to the initial state prior to the park construction.

Scope of services

  • 1. Prior procedures:
    - Notification to the competent administration
    - Writing a plan for decommissioning and restoration of affected areas
    - Analysis of the current status of the affected area
    - Calculation of the residual value of the elements of the park at an economical level
  • 2. The process of dismantling
    - Network disconnection
    - Extraction of the tower wiring, control and power cabinets, transformer, distribution pole, etc.
    - Management of hazardous waste (mineral oils, transformer and batteries fluids…)
    - Contribution of cranes and heavy loads lifts
    - Complete electrical and mechanical dismantling of the wind turbine
    - Foundation dismantling
    - Evacuation elements and aerial and land wiring withdrawal
    - Removal of transformers and control centres
  • 3. Management of hazardous waste:
    - Making Inventory of hazardous waste
    - Management through a licensed and registered manager
  • 4. Restoration of property:
    - Leveling the ground
    - Reforestation
    - Soil decontamination
    - Refurbishing and recycling of decommissioning materials: See reconditioning wind turbines sheet

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Dossier Decommissioning of wind farms

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Decommissioning of wind farms

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