Other services / Installations for Self-supply

  • Self-supply allows being self-sufficient in electricity using natural energy resources of the environment. An individualized technical study is needed where the best solution for each case will be chosen and developed using various technologies in renewable energy with or without external support means, either the distribution network itself or a generator.
  • This service addresses this type of target customers:
  • Small companies, businesses, sports facilities, municipal equipment municipal, etc. with supply contracts around 100 Kw, located in areas of natural energy resources and stable electrical consumption throughout the year.
  • Agricultural / Livestock farms, irrigated land farms, shelters, isolated houses, etc., that do not have network connection supply.

Planning Project

  • 1. Preliminary study:
    - Visit of data collection staff and inspection of facilities
    - Analysis of the consumption history
    - Inspection of contracted rates
    - Analysis of natural energy resources
    - Analysis of consumption patterns
    - Inspection of local technical and specific regulations of each customer
    - Inspection after crash
  • 2. Drafting of customized energy project:
    - A technical document will be drafted based on previously recorded data, where a summary reflecting the current situation will be explained and the dimensional calculation of the proposed installation will be justified
    - Performance of the installation and ROI are calculated
  • 3. Project implementation:
    - Civil work and evacuation infrastructure
    - Supply of equipment
  • 4. O&M:
    - Preventive maintenance
    - Corrective maintenance
    - Plant monitoring
    - Start up
    - Technical support for Industry inspection

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self-supply Dossier

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The Self-supply is a key instrument for the democratization of energy


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