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Photovoltaic energy

Installation and maintenance of photovoltaic panels

  • SOLVENTO offers competitive and efficient solutions for solar projects. We build reliable solar energy facilities, sought to ensure a quick return on investment. We make the ‘turnkey’ projects integrally, ready to start generating solar photovoltaics.

    SOLVENTO also offers a full maintenance service of photovoltaic systems (preventive and corrective) for both small and large facilities and in all kinds of locations.

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Fotovoltaic Service Dossier

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Solvento offers competitive and efficient solutions for solar projects.
We are trying to build facilities fast return on investment. More information

Scope of Services Installation

  • Installation of photovoltaic plants: - Land
    - Roofs
    - Walls and buildings
  • Installation of photovoltaic panels for small or self-supply
  • Installation of photovoltaic panels in places where there is no electrical network
  • Phases of the installation offered:
    - Engineering aimed at generating photovoltaic energy at an affordable cost, and maximize the safety of the installation or weight bearing (in case of being in the building)
    - Contracting and purchasing modules and photovoltaic panels
    - Civil work if necessary
    - Assembly of PV modules
    - Start up
    - Connection to network

Maintenance Services

  • Preventive-maintenance:
    - Visual inspection of supports and structures
    - Verification of performance of components and equipment
    - Inspection of wiring, connections…
    - Checking modules state
    - Control of panel temperature (thermography)
    - Withdrawal of waste
    - Periodic cleaning of panels
    - Cleaning and greasing of terminals
    - Inverter inspection
    - Verification of elements of security and protection, fuses…
    - Cleaning of inverter filters
  • Corrective Maintenance
  • Monitoring and reports
  • End of warranty inspection


Contact us for any questions about our services in the area of photovoltaics.