Meteorological Towers / Maintenance

  • At SOLVENTO we perform installations, dismantling, transportation and maintenance of meteorological towers, both braced and self-supporting.
  • No matter the height of the tower or the particular conditions of their geographical situation, our professionals guarantee customer satisfaction in the required work.
  • Our experience and work done give evidence of this.

Alcance de los servicios

  • 1. Preventive Maintenance:
    - Retightening of nuts and bolts
    - Structural inspection
    - Inspection of air signalling systems
    - Inspection of the anti-discharge protection system
    - Horizontal lifeline maintenance
    - Tool condition inspection
    - Foundation condition inspection
    - Anchoring and bracing inspection
  • 2. Corrective maintenance:
    - Replacement of instrumentation support
    - Replacement of accessories and equipment
    - Retensioning and replacement of ropes and anchoring elements
  • 3. Periodic data downloading:
    - Data processing
    - Report releasing
    - Occurrence reporting to the maintenance department
  • 4. Supply of replacements
  • 5. Supply of accessories
  • 6. Technical Support
  • 7. Waste dismantling and management

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Dossier Maintenance of meteorological towers

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Optimization and maintenance of resources improves the well done work.
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Maintenance of meteorological towers

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