Meteorological Towers / Installation and dismantling

  • SOLVENTO offers support oriented to departments of assessment of wind resources of developers, independent engineering, wind turbine manufacturers and wind farm operators.
  • We advise technically on the selection of equipment and on the development of the most appropriate solutions to the needs of each client.
  • SOLVENTO has supply agreements with leading manufacturers of sensors and instrumentation of the market, thus ensuring the best conditions in availability, price and after-sales service to customers. All instruments have certified to IEC-61400 standard.

Scope of services

  • 1. Technical assistance in site selection
  • 2. Installation of meteorological towers with “turnkey” complete project:
    - Prior to installation:
    - Study / initial project
    - Geotechnical study and topography
    - Permitting and licensing
    - Engineering: foundations calculation and civil works
    - Installation and assembly of the tower
    - Equipment supply:
    - Lattice and tubular weather towers
    - Accessories for fixing structures
    - Instrumentation, wiring and brackets
    - Approved fall protection systems
    - Data logging systems and remote connection accessories
    - Lightning protection and grounding
    - Isolated power systems
    - Marking systems (State Air Security Agency)
    - Computer Programming
    - Preventive and corrective maintenance
    - Commissioning and documentation
    - Data Management:
    - Periodic data download
    - Data management:
    - Preparing reports
    - Troubleshooting
    - Incidence Analysis
    - Location changes
    - Dismantling and logistics of reusable equipment
    - Decommissioning and management of non-reusable waste
    - Location changes

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Dossier Instalación y desmantelamiento de torres metereológicas

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Forecasting and analysis as a methodology of optimization
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Installation and dismantling of Meteorological Towers

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