Meteorological Towers / Inspection of fall protection systems

  • SOLVENTO has a commitment to safety at work. Many accidents could be avoided fulfilling the responsibility and keeping safety equipment in perfect conditions.
  • When an accident occurs, the Prevention Service always looks for the cause. The employer is obliged to preserve the health and safety of workers; for that reason, the company must comply with the applicable safety and performance standards.
  • For inspection of fall protection equipment and lifelines, the employer should refer to the instructions of each manufacturer.

Services offered

  • Integrated management system that includes:
  • - Technical Office:
    - System designing
    - Resistance calculations
    - Installation of vertical and horizontal fall protection systems
    - Certification of facilities
    - Theoretical and practical training for employees
    - Maintenance and repair
    - Annual inspection
    - Inspection after fall

Verified systems

  • - Sliding devices with flexible anchorage
    - Lanyards
    - Energy absorbers
    - Belts for fastening / retention and mooring components and support
    - Retractable fall protection devices
    - Fall protection harnesses
    - Connectors
    - Mooring devices
    - Descenders
    - Marking and instructions

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Dossier Inspection of fall protection systems

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Inspection of fall protection systems

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